Jordan has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise.  He is a skilled diagnostician with a keen eye for functional movement.  His intuition is spooky scary.  I’ve been seeing Jordan for over 4 years and the results speak for themselves.

Shyam S.

Director, Palantir Technologies

Jordan really is the best in the business.  I can’t tell you how much I miss him since I moved away two years ago!  I’ve looked for trainers all over Chicagoland, including Z-Health certified trainers, but no one measures up.

Jordan not only delivers results, he FIXES YOU.  Not only do you end up strong and with a killer bod, but all those nagging pains and dysfunctions?  Gone.  He had my body moving/functioning better than it has my entire life.

Madeline H.

I have been having on and off knee pain for the last 4 years. 2 months ago my pain had become pretty unbearable. I wasn’t able to walk properly. I went to physical therapists and chiros but nothing worked.I was pretty desperate for a cure because I was heading on a 10 day euro trip and needed to be able to walk. I heard about Jordan’s miracle powers to cure pain and I went to see him. 3 sessions, that’s all it took for the pain to go away. I have seen so many doctors and no one knew what was going on but Jordan was able to connect the dots. I religiously followed his instructions, even during my euro trip. I exercised every day the way he taught me. I walked on an average 15K steps per day during my trip without any pain. Before Jordan, I couldn’t even walk 1K steps without searing pain.

Bhuvana H.

Jordan is the best. I was a professional ballet dancer for sixteen years and was dealing with trying to get back in shape after a few sedentary years post retirement. Nothing worked at all, and I tried. I started training with Jordan in January of this year, and am back in a body that I am proud of, even as a totally psycho ex-dancer.

Dalia R.

Principal, New Ballet School